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Self administered affordable supplemental oxygen  for exercise and rest without any bottles to fill. 
Bruce West of
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"I will be using this oxygenating technique for the rest of my life."

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Home Model Personal Oxygen Bar


xygen Enhanced Exercise & Rest 

Top of the line health
industry standard units that produce 92-95 percent
oxygen. Over 450% more
oxygen than in normal
every day air.

Exercise moderately. Get twice the benefit, in half the time

We recommend using its incredible power for augmenting exercise and rest. Most health care professionals should approve of oxygen enhanced exercise and rest as it is a safe industry unit for efficient and economical oxygen nasal delivery. If you have a severe illness or severe lung dysfunction that may compromise oxygen absorption you may want a prescription that accompanies specific guidelines about using it. Also a prescription may help you get reimbursed from an insurance company. Though there may be a few exceptions, by and large if you buy one from us without a prescription your insurance company will most likely not reimburse you. We have nothing to do with insurance reimbursement.
We do not require a prescription to buy our s. 


Why Oxygen?

Oxygen is our most important element for life. Wellness and vitality is totally dependent upon it. So far as body function is concerned, if you don't use it you lose it. Any activity increases the human body's need for oxygen. So we exercise with extra oxygen and see amazing results! Just a 30-60 minute session on our home model oxygen bar displaces harmful free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic infectious bacteria, parasites, and microbes. Oxygen enhances the body’s ability to repair and rebuild itself, detoxify blood, and strengthen the cells, as well as the immune system. It will also heighten your concentration, memory, and alertness, sometimes in minutes.

Reported cases that often stem from under-oxygenation:

  • Development of cancerous cells which typically convert to cancer
  • The development of disease more rapidly and more often
  • Retention of toxins in the tissues
  • Lack of tissue stimulation furthest from the heart
  • Fatigue more often and for longer periods
  • Weak mental focus and stimulation
  • Poor digestion and food metabolism

Examples of what will deplete your oxygen levels:

  • Repeated stress
  • Alcohol
  • Emotional overload
  • Physical over-strain
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor sleep
  • Drugs (prescription/recreational)
  • Cancer
  • Immunizations
  • Trauma
  • Infections
  • Severe burns
  • Surgeries

What are the benefits of oxygen discovered by extensive research:

  • Removes free radicals
  • Reduces tissue swelling
  • Increases neuronal energy metabolism in the brain
  • Can create sustained cognitive improvement
  • Wakes up sleeping (idling) brain cells that are metabolizing enough to stay alive but are not actively "firing"
  • Enhances the body's ability to fight bacterial and viral infections
  • Deactivates toxins and poisons (e.g. side effects from some chemotherapy, spider bites, air pollution, etc.)
  • Enhances wound healing (stimulates new capillaries into wounds)
  • Creates an immediate aerobic state
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory
Reported effects of usage of supplemental oxygen:
  • Recovery from physical activity increases by 5-10 fold
  • Physical activity participation at a higher level
  • Excellent relief from symptoms of altitude sickness, cluster headaches, migraines, hangovers
  • Relief from stress (Stress causes shallow breathing which in effect limits oxygen consumption)
  • Increase feeling in well-being
  • Enhanced sleep while using a CPAP (a mechanical breathing aid for sleep apnea)
  • More efficient metabolism
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased feeling of being more rested and refreshed
  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Increased mental alertness
How are we getting more oxygen by increasing the level we breathe normally?

Normally, a red blood cell carries no more than 97% oxygen. Many will argue that you cannot force another 3% into the cell. This is true. However, additional oxygen is absorbed by the plasma (which carries the red and white blood cells) and is then pushed into the body's cells without the aid of the red blood cells. This is called the Law of Mass Action. If you are consistently feeding your body the extra oxygen, there will be an extensive increase in your total tissue oxygen level. The goal is to keep the oxygen level of your blood as close as you can to 100 points for an extended period of time.

All unhealthy germs, viruses and bacteria are weakened or killed with oxygen. If one is suffering from headaches, hangover, migraine, stress, fatigue, cramps, jet lag, heat exhaustion, or minor aches and pains, oxygen can provide almost immediate relief. On a longer term basis, oxygen helps flush toxins and impurities out of one's blood, possibly preventing cancer from gaining a foothold as well as reduces the effects of mold. Also, oxygen can promote faster healing of minor sprains and injuries.

Oxygen is and always will be our primary nutrient. These days, stress and polluted air make it difficult to get enough of it. Our equipment and proprietary breathing development techniques guarantee you will get as much as you want when you want it.

Further Benefits of Oxygen Relating to our Health

When oxygen levels are increased, the cells pick up extra oxygen and provide it to our tissues. Waste gases and toxins are removed more efficiently and cells begin to function better.

Anaerobic viruses, bacteria and fungi are unable to live in an oxygen enriched environment. Oxygen builds resistance to infections like yeast (candida albicans) that thrive in an oxygen deficient environment. Oxygen helps to neutralize acids in our body, like lactic acid resulting from muscle overload. Our body's chemical reactions are "fired-up" due to the increased oxygen levels. We burn fat more efficiently.  Sleep often improves even at altitude. We feel better, our body is healthier and we think more clearly because of increased oxygenation.

Oxygen Enhanced Exercise Explained 

There is a direct relationship between oxygen and vitality. Transferring oxygen from the lungs to the cells is the most significant factor in whether you live a healthy life or not. This transfer mechanism becomes weakened with age and the odds towards illness increase. Oxygen Enhanced Exercise greatly aids the body in getting oxygen to the tissues.

Oxygen comprises 21% of the atmosphere. Dr. Robert Rowen of Second Opinion explains that in your 30s, the amount of oxygen released to the cells is significantly higher than in your 70s. When you age, the oxygen arterial pressure falls. Thus, while the volume of oxygen may stay the same and it may appear you are getting enough, you may be oxygen deficient because there isn't enough pressure to make use of the volume of oxygen.

One aspect of the breakthrough of EWOT is that it raises the arterial pressure to youthful levels. Another aspect is what Dr. William Campbell Douglas calls the Law of Mass Action. Law of Mass Action says that plasma will absorb extra oxygen that hemoglobin cannot absorb and much of that extra oxygen will get eventually be absorbed into the body's tissue. Both aspects involve breathing higher levels of oxygen while exercising. Exercise increases the circulation, creating a greater pressure to drive oxygen into the capillaries. The increase in arterial pressure as well as the quantity of oxygen via mass action enhances the repair potential of the transfer mechanism and the absorption of extra oxygen into the cells. EWOT is effective for almost every conceivable condition because it improves the delivery of the most essential substance in tissue life and repair.

Convenient, Economical, and Unlimited O2 supply!

People today are more health conscious than ever. Men and women have always used the gym as a social venue as well as a fitness venue, but many of these people that used to belong to gyms now find it easier and more time and gas saving to work out at home with store bought equipment.

Create your very own home oxygen bar. Save the one dollar per minute usually charged at commercial oxygen bar locations. Your will pay for itself in a few weeks of usage. NO OXYGEN BOTTLE needed. It will never run out of O2. We supply a 50 foot long tube PLUS a thin plastic hose you connect to the unit and insert in your nostrils or mouth.

Oxygen Bottles

Our unit does not need them. It simply removes the nitrogen from the air (as millions of other industry standard units do) and will do that 24 hours a day.

Filling oxygen bottles requires a special machine with a special adapter. The adapters are pricey and home exercisers do not need them. They cost $1,500.00 but you may get lucky and find one on Ebay. If you MUST get one to fill bottles you will want to tell us first so we can get you the unit that adapts to that. Email us at O2E2adapter@breathing.com. You will need a note from your MD for this.

Other Oxygen Generator Uses

  • Glass Lampworking
  • Oxygen Facials
  • Ozone Generators enhancements
  • Additional air source- BIPAP OR CPAP
  • Fish Farming
  • Holistic Health/Medicine
  • Glass Blowing
  • Jewelry Making
  • Goldsmith trade work
  • Welding



Q How do they work?

This is industry standard function that simply separates harmless nitrogen from the air leaving almost pure oxygen coming through the tube. No oxygen tank is ever needed. The method used for this is a process called pressure swing arm absorption. Air is pulled into the machine by means of a compressor, forced through cylinders or magazines that contain zeolite (a volcanic mineral that absorbs nitrogen) and forces the oxygen to the outlet nozzle then to the breathing person.

Q Is supplemental oxygen flammable?


Supplemental Oxygen is not flammable or explosive. There is much confusion on the dangers of compressed oxygen. Here are the facts: -Oxygen is an accelerator, not flammable. This means that if oxygen is flowing into a fire it will help it grow faster. We strongly advise against having any flame source nearby. -Oxygen is not explosive but because of the high pressure (3000 psi) in these tanks the compressed oxygen cylinders can sometimes act like rockets if the valve is broken off.
Q Can I get too much oxygen?
A Almost impossible to get too much oxygen unless you have severe lung disease or are in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  In those cases you should be supervised by a licensed health professional and trained technician.We recommend daily use of oxygen for 30-120 minutes a day for recreation purposes and 2-3 liters per minute for sleep or napping. Instructions are included for variations on that theme. For example one health professional colleague is recommending 2 hours per day for cases of extra chemical sensitive people or carbon monoxide poisoning and he tells me they are no longer chemically sensitive after 3-4 months of that 2 hour daily session.Integrating oxygen use with moderate exercise for relatively short periods of time is, to us, state of the art. One study in Canada has shown that using a rebounder for 30 minutes a day while breathing the oxygen from one of these units is like being on it the full 24 hours a day.


Read about our previous customers' experiences. Share these stories with friends and loved ones those whose health and well being are important to you.

John Miller
"I have been using your machine only a short time but I know it is just what I have been needing for years. I can' t begin to tell you how good I feel when I get on my exercise bike, hook up the machine, and work out for 30 minutes. Every day that passes I feel better and better. I sleep better than I have in a very long time. (too long to remember when it started) My lungs are healing up. I can feel the difference in my ability to deep breath, my endurance has increased 5 fold, I can work out at the gym with new vigor and am not wasted when I finish my routine. I used it all night last night, and when I woke up I felt like I died and went to heaven. My entire body felt fabulous, rested, refreshed, recharged. I felt like jumping out of bed and yelling YES!!!!!!! It was the best I have felt in years. I can't wait to get on that exercise bike now and carve out 30 minutes of pure pleasure. Sometimes, I do it twice a day, just because it feel so good afterwards. The best thing about it is the knowledge that I am getting better every day instead of going down the drain with age related insanity included by modern un-medicine. (their answer to everything is your just getting old, would you like a prescription for your problem?) Thanks a million for your fabulous machine. I am one very happy camper."

Valerie Kauski
"Since I've received my machine I CANNOT live without it! I get up on a morning and after breakfast I get on the machine for about 15 min. I can't believe how much better I feel throughout the day! I also suffer from Migraines. I get on the machine and within 15 min. My headache is gone. Sometimes it comes back in an hour but I just get on again until it goes away again. At least I can stretch out the time before I have to take my medicine again. After all the years suffering with Migraines, to be able to get relief at all is amazing! I LOVE this machine!"

Robert Hernandez
"When my father and I ordered the oxygen generator, we planned to use it 3x a week. I, Robert, use it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He worked out on the other days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Within a few weeks, we felt a very big difference since we live in New York City so you can imagine how polluted it is. I used to fall asleep during the day but when I started, I felt alive and decided to take a long walk. Even though it's Winter, I felt very warm and alive!

My breathing is a whole lot better and my sleeping patterns are second to none. I sleep like a baby! Sometimes, I got to remind my father that we're doing it together and I encourage him to take it easy (He's 76 years old).... I even use alkaline water with ph level of 8+ with the generator and it feels great!

Once you get started, you never, EVER want to stop using it. We use it with a treadmill and it really helps. Once it gets warmer, I ride my bike long-distance. You gotta love it.....it is VERY BENEFICIAL TO YOUR HEALTH! Like the Nike commercial, JUST DO IT!"

Rob R.
"My oxygen machine has finally arrived. I used it for the very first time last night on 3 liters/min for about 3 hrs while sleeping. Then, I turned it off for 2hrs and fell back to sleep and turned it back on when I awoke and fell back to sleep for 3 more hrs. Like you said it dried out my nostrils somewhat, but it was definitely worth it. I did use the humidifier option (plastic canister that came with the unit - with 2 drops of 35% H2O2 in the water for disinfection). I dreamed like there was no tomorrow (haven't in the past). I used it in conjunction with my C-Pap machine. I woke up feeling refreshed. Just like the day I got my C-Pap (3yrs ago). I have a feeling me & are going to get along just fine. Thanks for making these machines available to the public. I asked my Doctor (Internal Medicine) about 4 months ago for oxygen and he said "What do you want it for" I replied for "EWOT", of course he said "WHAT". I told him "For exercising with oxygen training". He said "NO". I went on about my business and kept researching. But all the machines I found on-line either wanted a doctor's prescription & they were out of my price range. Thanks for making these affordable machines available and helping the public with oxygen entertainment. I love mine."

"I actually use the machine when I sleep. I do it for the rejuvenation. Seems I can recover from anything with it."

"I walk on the treadmill while using the oxygenator for 30 mins and I have no chest discomfort that I sometimes get while walking upstairs or just walking in general. I can lift weights for 30 mins after the treadmill walk and feel great. Oxygen is getting to areas in my body that I believe were being starved for O2."

J Michael Wood
"As a testimonial for the O2 generator, I have been using it daily for over 2 1/2 years. I spend about 25 minutes doing resistance training, and the rest of the time I am doing both dynamic and quiescent Qigong exercises.

I have never had muscle pain after exercising, and the power of the Qigong meditations are powerfully enhanced while using the generator.
I appreciate your efforts to get the equipment to people at such a great price."

Robert V. Thornton
"I would not take anything for my Cruiser oxygenator! Dr W... helped me greatly with my paroxysmal atrial fib. but when I started using my oxygenator, it pretty much finished the job. It is amazing, I use it 6 days a week about 35 to 40 minutes per day. As long as I watch my diet, exercise and use the oxygen I have no more problems!"

Bill Maurer
"Using the 5 LPM Cruiser generator seems to allow me to exercise relatively hard for the entire 30 min exercise period where before the O2 Generator, 20 mins seemed like an eternity."

Lucia S
"I like my O2 machine, I feel better after I rebound for 20 min with it. My son who has often sinusitis says he feels his sinus clearer afterwards. Only used it the last 3 days so far. Thanks!"

David Demers
"I have an and after only a month or so and not even exercising with it-(EWOT)-yet, but just sticking it in my nose while cooking, washing dishes, cleaning house etc. It has increased my strength and energy levels to a very perceptible degree. I am so happy!!! Happy happy happy! I mean it.
*********************another email, weeks later.
The most impressive factor in the use of is how it has nearly totally eliminated the pain in my buttocks and legs. Also I have been so energized from the infusion of oxygen that I have experienced sore muscles from just plain doing more and doing it faster for longer periods of time before approaching the point of exhaustion!"

"I'm an 86 year old, 104 pack year survivor as of 20 years ago with COPD and a reported 20% lung capacity remaining. I've been using my unit daily-no bike-and have notice sufficient improvement to have ordered a unit for my son on general principles of good health with no downside effects.
Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work."

"I started using my machine about three weeks ago--I meditate for about an hour using about 4 liters and sometimes I exercise with it on 5 liters. Definitely noticing more alertness and vitality! Glad I ordered it!!
*********************two weeks later.
I admit I'm not exercising with my machine, but even using it on 4 liters when I'm meditating for an hour every morning has had a BIG effect on my general energy level and alertness--sleeping better, walking and exercising more (in the gym) and generally feeling younger and more able to handle even taxing situations (e.g. I'm moving house now, but have the energy to do it all). VIVA Oxygen!!"

Warren Myers
"When I first started on my I rode the bike 4 miles to 5 miles, about 45 min to 55.(twice a day) I began with 30 min on @ 3LPM. Now, after 2 months, I still ride the bike the same, but I breathe the the same amount of time as the bike ride. I upped the LPM to 3 1/2. I also take the O2 when I am just sitting watching TV. I am almost 90."

Bernie Beaumont
"So far, I've managed to use the O2 for 10 minute bike exercises due to severe asthma limitations. Actually, I'm not noticing any real differences in how I feel. Except for the asthma, sinus congestion, and G.E.R.D, I feel good all the time. I'm still in awe of this as a 79 year old! By the way, my oxygen meter shows a steady 95 and fluctuates in 96, 97, and occasionally 98 range when I'm doing EWOT. I have established a wonderful new HABIT of being aware of how I'm breathing and often switch gears into deep breathing...thanks to you. Any suggestions will be most welcome. God bless!"

Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest used for top secret military rescue mission training in 1952. 
Bradley Himes, age 79 and retired military is an avid fan and tells me that he was an 82nd airborne parachutist in Korea in 1952. He was being trained for a special rescue team mission behind enemy lines. One of our leaders had been captured and had extremely sensitive information that could have done a great of harm to our side if they got it out of him. They HAD to get him out and within a certain short time limit. 
Paratroopers had to be in excellent shape then (and now) to withstand the rigors of falling out of the sky to who knows what but this mission was so important the general called for an extra 20 days of super intense training. 
Bradley tells that they used supplemental oxygen to breathe while riding stationary bicycles and got pushed way, way, way beyond where they had ever been pushed before. No pills, nothing but oxygen enhanced exercise and rest. Bradley says “it was incredible. I was already in fantastic combat shape but after this training I was in the best shape ever by a very wide margin. It turned out that our side made a trade for another prisoner and the rescue mission never had to occur. But that training is why when I heard about your s I got one immediately. “ Bradley Himes, Florida

Specifications - Built to last

All units are equipped with on-board computers to ensure perfect running at all times.  They are built to last approximately 20-25,000 hours of usage.

Equipment Specs:

  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC +10%, - 15%

  • Input Frequency: 60Hz

  • Average Power Consumption: 450 W - 4.8 amps

  • Sound output: 46 DBA

  • Oxygen Concentration: 92 ±4% @ 5LPM, 94 ±2% @ 2LPM

  • Weight: Refurbished 49.9 ±0.5 lbs; New 30 lbs

  • Shipping Product Weight :: 58 +/- New 36 lbsl

  • Measurement: Refurbished;  Height: = 27in.  Width: 19in. Depth: 14in.
                                       New;  Height: = 21in.  Width: 17in. Depth: 12in 

  • Operating temperature: 55 to 90 Fº; storage/transport temperature: -30 to 160-º F 

  • Storage/transport humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing

  • Atmospheric pressure:) 790 to 525 mmHg

  • Operating humidity: Up to 95%, non-condensing

  • Operating pressure: 5 psi

    The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere does not change with altitude, so it is about 21% at 10,000 feet. What does change is the pressure. This declines with altitude. At sea level the air pressure is about 101 kPa (kilopascals). Oxygen accounts for 21% of this so the oxygen pressure is 19.6 kPa. This means that there are less oxygen molecules in the same volume of air at higher altitudes. At 10,000 feet for example the oxygen pressure drops to 7.2 kPa, which is roughly one third of the pressure at sea level. 

    All this translates out to whatever altitude you get 450% more O2 than you would have without the For an online calculator of oxygen levels at different altitudes see:   www.altitude.org/calculators/oxygencalculator/oxygencalculator.htm  

    All units include
    Bonus information and equipment/accessories valued at $183 including a 32-page confidential proprietary INFOPACK revealing:

  •  - ® Oxygen generator FAQs
     - Details about Splitter/Joiners
     - Basic moisturizing bottle, 50 foot hose and nose cannula
     - Addiction to Oxygen?
     - Testimonials
     - Techniques to augment exercise equipment or for those unable to exercise
     - Optimal Energy Breathing
     - Home exercise equipment sources at cost saving prices
     - Tips for conserving energy
     - Tips for snoring and sleep - Breathing Awareness
     - Oxygen Killers
     - Recommended Oxygen Related Reading List
     - Potential Health Benefits of Oxyge


 Purchase Information. Published prices begin at $599.00.  

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Arrival times vary from the longest of two business weeks to best a few days depending on weather, how busy we are and how far away you are from one of our three plants across the USA in Texas, Ohio and North Carolina.

Order Confirmations: You should receive a phone, email, fax copy from My Oxygen Machine LLC as confirmation. 

Must call for:  Discounts available on multiple unit orders. Separate addresses are acceptable. 


  • Shipping within the contiguous 48 states. See above for Alaska, Hawaii and Canada
  • 1 year warranty
  • (1) 25 foot hose
  • (1) Water bottle (to moisten air)
  • (1) Cannula (the tube for your nostrils)

Not included

Exercise equipment is not included. Recumbent bikes are mentioned in some articles because they are our favorite. Many other exercise or fitness related equipment purchased on your own will be beneficial for example treadmill, cross trainer, rebounder, Nordic-Track, Qigong, BREWOT, Sit and Getting Fit videos. Also consider anything that gets you moving like yoga, gardening, tai chi.

Optional Accessories also found in the cart:

  • CPAP and BIPAP Adaptors
  • 14 or 25 foot hoses
  • Extra cannula (bulk order discounts available in packs of 12, 25, or 50)
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeters
  • Mask*
  • 1,2, or 3 day shipping costs

*We recommend against the "mask" for high intensity running/breathing as many will not get enough air to breathe


The units have a high per unit return shipping/restocking fee so please make sure as best you can that you want to keep the unit(s) before you order!

Guaranteed Satisfaction:

If not satisfied for any reason, concentrator can be returned within 30 days of delivery for refund of purchase price, less $125 for shipping and restocking for 48 states and $225.00 for Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.
Concentrators must be received by us in good operating condition.
Keep the box and packaging material in case you need to return it!

1 year warranty

We ship exclusively via Fed Ex ground.
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